Rentschler & Company Interior Design

How We Work


In the end, our ultimate goal is to have taken the client beyond what they had imagined when first embarking with us on their interior design project.

In order to fully understand the architecture and environment of a home, inside and out-as well as the interior landscape of the clients themselves - we need to immerse ourselves as much as possible in their world. Initially, we educate ourselves on everything from idiosyncrasies of lifestyle, to dreams and needs, to personal collections and history in order to arrive at an aesthetic theme and the resulting “vibe” of a space, taking into consideration the effect on the natural environment, the community and the planet. Through a participatory and collaborative relationship with the client, we work to understand expectations and our specific role in getting there, an ongoing dialogue informing us of the parameters of our task.

Attention to detail, while never losing sight of the big picture, lets us direct the project through the many stages of spatial, and sustainable, design: architectural detail, color palette, material and surface selection, lighting design and fixtures, kitchen and bathroom design, window treatment, furniture layout and selection, artwork recommendation, and custom design. Without compromising our artistic expression, we strive to respect timelines and maintain reasonable progress in the face of changing directions and external influences. Through close and time - tested associations with local craftspeople, artisans and architects, we are able to provide our clients with the very best resources and skills available, orchestrated by us to coordinate and achieve the optimum end result.

Ultimately, through the artful manipulation of form, light, color, texture, space and scale, our goal is a harmonious relationship between dweller and dwelling – and the environment and community in which they both exist.


Architectural Details
Trim Details
Built-in Concepts & Design

Sustainable Design
Environmentally Responsible Materials

Lighting Design & Recommendation

Light Fixture Sourcing & Selections

Materials Selection
Kitchen & Bathroom Surfaces
Flooring & Wall Materials
Fireplace & Mantel Materials

Paint Schematics & Wall Treatment
Color Consulations
Paint Schedule
Custom Painting Techniques & Surfaces

Wallpaper Sourcing

Art Curating
Selection of Artwork
Sourcing & Buying
Placement & Installation
Studio Visits with Local Artists

Window Treatment
Style & Material Selection & Installation

Furniture Selection
Tapping Retail,Wholesale,Antique & Artisans Suppliers
Custom Designs

Fabric & Custom Sewing
Sourcing & Selecting of Fabrics
Fabrication & Custom Designs of Soft Goods

Indoor & Outdoors

For Real Estate

For Events & Celebrations